• Customized Marketing Plan

    Not sure how to take your business where you want to go? A marketing plan can help you reach the next level. Through six weekly 60-minute sessions, you’ll define goals, objectives and tactics for the next year. As you complete weekly assignments and receive consultation and coaching, you’ll watch your plan come to life — one you can immediately put into place to reach your goals.

  • Marketing Consultation - Visual Audit

    Let’s talk about your current visual brand in print and digital. I’ll provide a review of your graphic identity and outline immediate goals and next steps to strengthen your company’s visual presence in your market. Got a specific marketing dilemma or want ongoing support as you implement your marketing plan? We’re here to help answer your marketing questions and provide specific, actionable advice.

  • Brand Identity Creation & Design

    You've identified your business dream, and you've picked the perfect name. Now it's time to create your visual identity and bring your company to life! Just like a picture’s worth a thousand words, a well-crafted logo will uniquely define your business brand. Reviewing as well supporting design pieces that may be needed to promote your business. Let's get started!

  • Corporate Presentations & Infographics

    Whether you’re selling products to new customers or your ideas to senior leaders, the right PowerPoint graphics can bring your ideas to life and help you get results. We can design the PowerPoint slides for you or provide a customized template — using your logo fonts and colors — for you to create your own polished presentations.

  • Social Media Design

    Your social media presence is a reflection of your brand too! Using your logo as a jumping off point, we can create banners and profile images for Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram Twitter and more — all to strengthen the look and feel of your business and create greater brand awareness.

  • Email Campaign Design

    Email marketing is a powerful vehicle to reach customers. From creating email campaigns that drive results to designing an email template for a monthly newsletter, our designs will reflect with your overall brand and have high visual impact whether they’re opened on desktop or mobile.